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Our team handles a variety of parole cases, including:

  • Submissions in support of parole release
  • Submissions in respect pf parole suspensions
  • Preliminary refusal decisions
  • Litigation or judicial review concerning adverse parole decisions

It is important to understand that parole is not a privilege or an entitlement – prisoners are not entitled to be released once they reach their parole eligibility date. Parole decisions are handled by the Parole Board Queensland.

The Parole Board consider many matters in assessing whether a prisoner is suitable for release. Ultimately, their highest priority is the safety of the community. They will also consider:

  • The prisoner’s criminal history and pattern of offending
  • Whether there are any circumstances likely to increase the risk the prisoner presents to the community
  • Whether the conviction was a serious violent or sexual offence
  • The recommendation of the sentencing court including any comments by the Judge during the sentencing hearing
  • Any medical, psychological or psychiatric risk assessment reports relating to the prisoner
  • The prisoner’s behaviour in prison
  • Whether the prisoner will have access to any support services in the community
  • Whether they have suitable accommodation upon release
  • The prisoner’s progress and compliance in relation to any rehabilitation and intervention programs in prison

To maximise chances of success in obtaining release at the earliest possible date, you need a lawyer who can help you understand the parole system and support you through the process. We have a dedicated team of lawyers who can assist your loved one with their parole application. Call us now on 1300 557 884 to have a confidential discussion.


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More on parole

There are two types of parole orders in Queensland:

A court-ordered parole order sets a fixed date for release to parole, which is determined by the court at the time of sentence.

A board-ordered parole order applies to prisoners sentenced to imprisonment with a parole eligibility date (which is distinct from a set release date). It is the Parole Board Queensland that determines when the prisoner is released to parole once the eligibility date is reached.

The type of offence and the length of imprisonment term are the main factors which determine whether a prisoner is entitled to a sentence with a set release date or just recommended eligibility for parole.

For more details on the parole application process, see our article: Applying for parole – how the process works.

We have a dedicated team of lawyers who can assist your loved one with their parole application. Call us now on 1300 557 884 to have a confidential discussion.

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