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Winning a trial is no easy task. Our staff are highly skilled at identifying, from an early stage, the weaknesses in the prosecution case, and preparing and appearing at trial.

Gable Tostee:  2016’s most high profile criminal trial.

Across the country, the trial of Gable Tostee captured the minds of millions of Australians....

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Not guilty verdict for Serious Assault

Mr R was charged with a number of counts of serious assault.  Terry Morgans conducted the summary hearing in the Richlands Magistrates Court. The police attended upon Mr R’...

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Not guilty verdict for Assault occasioning bodily harm

Mr Dwyer represented a 39 year old man in a trial before the Bundaberg District Court relative to an Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm charge.  After two days of evidence, in...

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"Fisher Dore Lawyers have to be the best criminal lawyers in Queensland."

Michael, Brisbane

Not guilty verdict for Murder

Mr S was charged with murder. Our office briefed experienced Counsel who made a successful pre-trial application that the criminal histories of witnesses should be d...

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Not Guilty verdict for Importing a Border Controlled Drug

Rian represented a client in the Bundaberg Supreme Court who had been charged with importing 276kgs of cocaine. Since the client was from overseas, she was remanded in custody...

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Possession of Dangerous Drugs - Found Not Guilty after a Summary Trial

Shane represented a client in the Southport Magistrates Court who was charged with possession of cannabis. Our client denied that he had possessed the drugs so the matter was ...

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