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Professional Misconduct

At Fisher Dore we have an experienced team who can assist you in relation to any allegations of professional misconduct and employment misconduct.

We have experience in dealing with matters involving:

  1. Legal Services Commission,
  2. Medical Board of Queensland,
  3. Racing Appeals Tribunal,
  4. Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority Proceedings
  5. World Anti-Doping Agency Proceedings,
  6. Legal Practice Tribunal Hearings,
  7. Defence Force Discipline Appeals,
  8. Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Our experienced solicitors assist clients who have been issued a show cause notice. A show cause notice is served upon an individual when their professional body has made a preliminary determination as a result of an investigation into that person, or if a complaint has been made against them.

We have acted for athletes, doctors, nurses, dentists, teachers, lawyers, members of the racing community, defence force personnel, students, and teachers.

The team at Fisher Dore has the knowledge to assist you with preparing the matter from the outset. We will assist you in answering the show cause notice, to representing you at the final hearing. Often, failing to respond to initial letters and show cause notices can lead to more dire consequences than the actual offence itself.

Fisher Dore Lawyers

It is important however to know that if a professional misconduct enquiry is occurring, it may run parallel with a criminal proceeding, or one may arise out of it. So, prior to preparing any response or answering any allegations from the professional body, it is important that you seek legal advice. The answers you give could have an effect on the outcome of the criminal matter, or the answers given relating to the criminal offence may impact on the misconduct issue.

We understand the importance of a hearing and assisting people to navigate through what can be a complicated set of organisational procedures. For some people, it can be an extremely stressful time and can be quite overwhelming. On the other hand, people sometimes fail to appreciate the seriousness of such a complaint. All matters are unique; and advice at the commencement of these proceedings is extremely valuable, as it is easier and often more affordable to have one of our lawyers familiar with the situation from the outset, and to establish a plan with you immediately.

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