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Human Rights

We believe that everyone has the right to live free from fear, harassment and discrimination.

We believe in equality and fairness.

In response, we have established a human rights practice that strives to uphold these standards.

Strategic human rights litigation

We stand alongside our clients in pursuing strategic human rights litigation. Our areas of practice include:

• non-discrimination,

• indigenous justice,

• disability rights,

• children’s rights,

• LGBTI rights,

• prisoner’s rights,

• the right to a nationality, and

• refugee rights.

Advocacy campaigns

To a complement our human rights litigation, we are actively involved in broader human rights advocacy campaigns. Currently, this includes supporting advocacy campaigns related to the Uluru Statement from the Heart, Queensland’s Human Rights Act and a number of diversity and inclusion movements.

International and national engagement

Based on our expertise, we are regularly invited to present at international and national forums on a variety of human rights issues. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for updates on these engagements.

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