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Security Licence kept Despite Drugs Charges

While Lachlan was representing a client in the Magistrates Court for drugs charges, the client received a show cause notice in relation to his security licence. If his security licence was suspended or cancelled, he would not be able to work.

Lachlan assisted our client in two ways. Firstly he successfully advocated for no conviction recorded; and secondly he sent a response to the show cause notice.

In the response, Lachlan explained the circumstances of the drug offence and that no conviction was recorded by the court. Importantly, Lachlan explained what our client had done to address the underlying issues relating to drug use. Lachlan also obtained character references for our client, referring to how highly regarded he was within the industry. Lachlan submitted that when all the circumstances and considerations were taken into account, our client should be allowed to keep his security licence. Lachlan’s response was accepted by the authorities and our client kept his security licence.​


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