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Rockhampton Obstruct Police Charges discontinued

Our client was charged with offences relating to an altercation that occurred on New Year’s Eve. Our client maintained her innocence in relation to these matters and had them listed for summary trial in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court.

Mr Dore negotiated with the Prosecution and could not achieve resolution of the charges.

It became apparent while preparing the brief that our client had a defence to these charges. As such, Mr Dore forwarded a submission to the Prosecution outlining the deficiencies in their case and that they would be unable to prove the elements of the offences required. As a result of Mr Dore’s representations, the Prosecution withdrew the charges against our client.

Our client had no history of previous criminal convictions and was a person of good standing in the community. Although upset with being charged with the offences, the client was ultimately relieved that the charges were discontinued against her.


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