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Engaging in high risk activities

High Risk Activities

Police recently charged 4 people for allegedly parachuting off a crane at a Brisbane CBD construction site.

Committing a high risk activity may not only put your life in danger but you may also be committing an offence.

The Summary Offences Act 2005 states the following to be unregulated high risk activities:

· Parachuting or hang-gliding onto a building or structure; · Base jumping or hang-gliding from a building or structure;

· Climbing up or down the outside of a building or structure; or

· Abseiling from a building or structure.

There are exceptions however. If you have undertaken a high risk activity it is not an offence if:

· The building or structure has been designed or built for that purpose;

· You have been given permission by the owner of the building or structure and the stunt is to be performed in conjunction with a cinematographic film or for television; or

· It is for cleaning, maintenance or restoration of the building or structure.

The maximum penalty attached to these activities is a fine or one year imprisonment. People often find themselves charged with trespass too, as the building or structure usually belongs to someone else.

In addition to being penalised for committing a high risk activity, a Court may also order that the person pay the costs associated with rescuing or attempting to rescue the person.


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