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Our Senior Associate, Lauren Phelps, appeared for a young mother in the Brisbane Magistrates Court recently. Lauren’s client had been remanded in custody for a period of 32 days since her spate of offending.
She had committed a series of property offences in the company of another person. Lauren submitted that this person had a more significant criminal history, was the Principal offender, and was generally
exerting his authority over her client. Lauren argued that given her client’s minimal criminal history, and her family obligations, that the time in custody should be declared as time served.
Lauren also submitted that given her client’s need for assistance in the community, a period of probation would be a suitable penalty. The Magistrate accepted these submissions, released Lauren’s
client from custody and ordered that she be subject to probation for a 2 year period. This was an excellent result for the client who will certainly benefit from assistance and supervision whilst getting her
life back on track.


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